I think I'm half hippie. "Noobs are like mosquitoes, you can kill them but there will always be more to come back and annoy you." =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
I'm livemIyasI. I won't visit your polace if you ask, unless you're my friend. I won't donate, I'm not as rich as you may / may not think I am.


  • The FDV©

    Fully functional Force Driven Vehicle! Drive it here! ------------------------------------------------------- How to drive : When you sit in the FDV it takes off automatically. To steer click either side and it will start to turn in a circle, to go straight again click the front part. If you get stuck in a wall click the back part and your FDV will reverse fairly quickly, and go farwards again in a second. If it flips over click the bottom part to get upright again. ------------------------------------------------------ Say "/new" to generate a new FDV. ------------------------------------------------------ Rules : Don't leave an FDV in the middle of the place or say /new too much. Don't do anything reportable.

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