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  • Wwe Fan Group

    The Most Joined wwe group :D This is a group to talk about wwe! We do not have any ranking system and we are not a roleplaying show. so talk about wwe news what's happening and talk about your favorite wrestlers shows etc. inbox me and add me and follow me i'll get to reply to you somehow as i get a lot of inboxes :) peace

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  • The weather network systems.

    Welcome to The Weather Network Systems! We are the oldest active weather group on ROBLOX with over one hundred members. Come and join us today. Our motto is to be fast, accurate, and out there - providing you with the latest weather information you need to know. Our group's members mostly are living within the United States, thus our group can be considered US-centric, but everyone is welcome! As of Feb 1st 2017, no political posts are allowed on our wall, shout, or any other group events. We encourage members to be friendly to one another when corresponding. If you have any issues, please private message our owner DetroitVsTheWorld. Our sister group is Pathfinders Storm Chasing Team, owned by Justin7200. It is a role play group which chases storms on Roblox games. We encourage you to join them and have fun! We at TWNS do not endorse any opinions made by our members, the owner, high rank members, allied groups, sister groups, or links posted. Have a nice day!

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  • The Tornado Fan Club

    We are Robloxians that like to see one of the most powerfull things on earth and talk about them. These awesome things are tornado's. They mostly take place in tornado alley. There are manny kinds of tornadoes. To be promoted you must ask someone of a higher rank.To be under famous person you must have at least 50,000 toatal place visits or a group with over 200 members. To be an official advertiser for this group send me a message and make a decal ad Thanks for reading the description and have a great time. If you like this group then tell your friends too. Project HQ is people working on the personal server group HQ. to work on the HQ send me a message. last updated 11/15/12

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  • Tornado lovers

    Non Group Members:Do you or your friends love or maybe even just like tornado's then this is a great group for you!You will learn things you have never knew about tornadoes and anything you do know you can say to the group. So go ahead and join this group thank peeps! Group:Welcome any new comes to The Tornado lovers group! I expect mild grammar try to keep the bad grammar down a bit no" Hey dawg wts up man?" Or some things like that. This group is based mostly on well people who really enjoy discussing tornado's. So thank you for all your support and to support the fellow Tornado lover's then try to answer the EQ's invite friends and try to get higher and higher up in your tornado ranks! Have fun in this group and Welcome new and old comers!

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      Wind (Ef-0) - Tornaod Ef-1
  • Basketball Fans!

    Hello! You found the group, "Basketball Fans!" In this group, We obviously talk about Basketball! Tell us how good you are at basketball! Also, talk about the NBA, WNBA, or the NCAA if you'd like! This used to be a public group, but now a member named luckytom1 came and spammed and insulted the group and kept coming back when we exiled him. So, now it's manual approval. Anyone can join, but luckytom1. ___________________________________________ ******************************************* If you've noticed, there are very few upper rank people. I am writing this because I've been receiving MANY PMs, and I mean, about 5 PMs a day, for ranking up. Well, to rank up, you have to post a lot and advertize the group to your friends. The other way to rank up is to pay Gryphon57 45 robux or 200 tickes. First PM, Gryphon57 and tell him that you are willing to pay the money. He will then respond to you and give you the link to buying the rank. Thank you! Enjoy your stay in the group!

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