Robot Baseball cap and I Lift are not for trade, unless there is a major OP.

Hello, I am awesome! Buy my limited items when I'm selling one, because I like to make money. Feel free to send me trades! I just want to make shirts and  pants BECAUSE IT'S FUN! Umm, also can you go to my place right over there to the right!        ------->        

Highest amount of robux at once would be 147,563 robux.

-4/3/2013 is the date i accomplished my goal of 6,666 robux .6 is my favorite number.

-4/24/2013 is the date when Merely called me pretty, and a 10/10! . Not really important, but I just want to remember the memories I get on, Roblox.

-4/25/2013 is the date when I accomplished my goal of getting a Rainbow Fedora!

-8/6/2013 is the date I got my first #1 limited, Masked Hood of the Slitherspeaker!!

-10/13/13 is the date I got 6,666 post!!

-11/3/13 is the date I achieved my goal of 100,000 robux!!Read More

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  • Swag Master 69000

    I am SWAG MASTER 69000!!! #243

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  • Sleepover sword fighting! 69 PP PER KILL

    Boys and girls are at the sleepover, until they start arguing. They decide to solve the problem, with some intense sword fighting! There are PLENTY of updates to come, this is just the start! Like, and favorite if you enjoyed the game!

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  • The Robloxian Life, FREE VIP (ROLEPLAYING)

    Have a new life in the town of Robloxia. Be who you want to be, do what you want to do. Free VIP!! If you enjoy the game leave a like, and a favorite!

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