Hey Im Amir! Aka (GoldenRadio) 
I'm a Graphic Designer wanting to improve my skills I'm a very friendly dude 
ROBLOX Is a great Platform to Play on It a game I play everyday!
Anyways If your looking to contact me add my Cord or twitter 

I Only add people that I acknowledge and admire.


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  • (REBORN) Blox Jump - BETA 🔶

    Im officially Releasing my game BLOX JUMP enjoy! Game might seem impossible but keep on trying! And Check out what in store! (THIS IS THE ORIGINAL GAME) (REBORN VERSION) (HUGELY INFLUENCED BY JELLY JUMP) I started on this project not too long ago. It was made to feel and look like one of those mobile games you usually play on google play. Scripter: Amatzukaze Currently Known Bugs: Platforms Sometimes Automatically Start Water Sometimes Starts Rising Too Quickly Your Blox Character Sometimes Jumps High Soon To Add: PvP Shop Gui Map Chooser Map Buyer Character Customization Character Boosts Awesome Music Different Modes (Easy, Medium, Hard)

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  • Robotic Lengacy (BETA)

    please support it...for more features and updates and more like this remember this is only a beta still in the progress FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER twitter.com/GoldenRadioYT For codes UPDATE INCLUDES-- NEW GAME RESTRAT HELP: left click laser beam hold down e to make a bigger laser beam press g to smash ground press r for sprinting navagate your mouse at a target then press x to make raining laser beams from the sky above it

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