@HaIfHeartedly 💕💕 #1 always xoxoxo

@tiscy 💙💜 i lioveuuu hoeley!!! we need to talk more 😠

@Entriixity💛💚 hi nome 🤗 we need to talk more toooooooooo

@xT_Tx❤️💜 hi havee the big purple grape ur coolololol

@pinkiybear💙💚 my kawaii queennnnn melooo

@PiscesO_o💜💖 heyyy we need to talk more 

@Timberwolf_JWR💙❤️ jessseeeee hey 🤗 we should play more too

S_Nemesis💙💚 nemeeee cutie 😋

@MandyMae897💚💖 I miss ya mandyyy xoxox

@Un_B0und💕💖 jasmineeeeeeee imy ): xoxo

@BrokenSxuls💚❤️ papapa ilxyyy

@vylvo💙💜 my queeennnn stay strong o.o

@dreamiqq💖❤️ leleleleleleelelelelle i lioveuuuu

@LxstMyth💛💚 mythhhh imy!!

@oliverowner💜💖 welcome back!!! ty for not leaving forever )):

@Flo_Ora💛💙 fabiannnnn hihi we should talk

@8Bxt💙💜 ogmgmf my cute wxifey iliove u!

these people are sooooo amazing like they make your roblox experience better u should follow them it’s worth it i promise 😳😇

Ben was here🙃❤️
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    Hangout, build, Have fun! wanna get notified about events? join here: https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=4163571 Thank you @fluttershygamer11 for the new GFX thumbnail! Truly, you have some talent and a good passion towards art. Keep up the good work! ❤️ Thank you iix_Jinii for the new thumbnail! I love the idea and the theme behind it, nice job! ❤️

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