My Xbox 360 name is Hyposomnia add me if you want starting a Xbox clan called Hypo you can change you name to Hypo......... and friend me and will start up the clan. I wake up every morning and eat a waffle. I smell like hot garbage onions. Don't talk to me between the hours of 8:00am-10:00pm Monday thru Friday. On Saturday you can say "Hey" one time at 2:18pm. We don't talk about Sunday. For fun I like to eat waffles. When I'm not feeling good all I have to do is eat a waffle and my day gets 1000x better. My lyfe motto is "waffles before brah fos" Waffles. Read More

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  • Attack On Titan: Recon Corps

    Rukiryo DOES NOT HANDLE PROMOTIONS. PMing him about ranks will be ignored. Promotions: Once you achieve a rank ingame, ask a group captain if you can become an elite for that rank. They will test you in any way they see fit. Elites: If you get a rank ingame, and then get promoted to that rank (by having a captain confirm you) then you get Elite rank ingame. Military Police: Defend inside the walls. Stationary Guard: Defend titans climbing the walls, and districts. Scouting Legion: Go on missions outside the wall, to defeat titans outside. Also defend the districts.

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  • JOTF Forces

    Justice Of The Forces [Sword Fighting Group] Rules And Information --------These Will All Get You Demoted--------- -Do Not Get Sarcastic With HR Ranks -Don't Be Disrespectful To Anyone -No Bad Language -No Asking For Ranks Be Happy With What You Are At (If You Have A Rank Problem Speak To RoboxCrusher) -Do Not Yell At Anyone -Do Not Argue About Anything -Don't Be Inactive (If You Are Going On Vacation Or Have A Good Reason Tell RoboxCrusher Or An HR --------These Will All Get You Promoted--------- -Be Active -Be Respectful -Be Happy With Your Rank -Don't Swear -Be Happy -Always Listen -Recruit -Do Not Skip Ranks Information ---------If You Need Help Contact These People--- -Owner RoboxCrusher

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  • Silent Male Ninjas

    ✖★═════ஜ۩۞۩ஜ═════★✖ Silent Male Ninjas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WE ACCEPT GIRLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Motto: Keep low. Move fast. Kill first. Die last. One shot. One kill. No luck. Pure skill ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Only 40+ ninjas strong so far ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leaders/Trainers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cory155 murderer1000 Ninja1805 spgxkillerx BobLikezSharpThings Brinnny ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rank-ups ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recruit 5=1 rank(pm me once done) Build group place=2 rank(pm me once done) Training session=(depends on how good you did) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ News ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blank :3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SMN,the leading group of The Creek Empire ✖★═════ஜ۩۞۩ஜ═════★✖

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  • Pencil Finders

    UK Private Company [Name changed to Edinethics] --------------------------------- Specialising in Timber, Arms, Pencils, Pens, Biological Weapons&Products , and even Soft Drinks! --------------------------------- The most popular company in the entire United Kingdom, being founded to give everyone their deserved commodities at an inflated price, the company is no doubt invaluable to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. --------------------------------- After the CEO became the Rt.Hon Lord of Birmingham, Jatin Jarsdel, the company was based in Birmingham and has a monopoly on the city, with 9 out of 10 Brummies having "Edinethics" products. The Company's international headquarters is at London, while main headquarters is at Birmingham. --------------------------------- CEO has a grip on Manchester United and Hull City FC. --------------------------------- Factories:

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  • Cole7778 Fans

    Join this group to get updates on games I am making!

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