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  • Scripters

    Scripters! Anyone who knows how to script or wants to learn is welcome here. Made a cool script? Share it here! If you need to learn how to script, you can find various tutorials at the ROBLOX wiki! http://wiki.roblox.com Want to get ranked up? PM Borsy with your showcase. Code should be available; scripting is more than the end result. A more formal ranking system will come in the near future. Shayne

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  • Scripting Academy

    Do you wish you could script? Or you can script? If you join, you can get help with scripting by one of the tutors, who are helping you script! If you are a good scripter you can take tests to get better ranks. This is where true scripters are born! Note ordinary lessons are held on the group shouts, if you want a Private lesson where you will cover much more and learn faster PM a tutor.

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  • RoPlex [Minigames]

    RIP RoPlex Minigames RoPlex is a minigame place that will soon be famous! Sign up for our website: roplex.enjin.com ------------------------------------------------------------------- News: None RoPlex Staff Shirt: http://www.roblox.com/RoPlex-Staff-Shirt-item?id=198613628 Recomended: GO to Google Chrome's webstore store and get the free extension called Roblox Group Enhancer by Merely, it is so whenever any group shout is made you are notifyed!

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  • Scripting Helpers

    Welcome to Scripting Helpers, a ROBLOX Q&A website specifically designed to help with ROBLOX Lua scripting. Here at Scripting Helpers, our main goal is getting your scripting questions answered and making that information easily available to to others. ------------------------------------- Search "Scripting Helpers" on Google and click on "Scripting Helpers: Welcome" to get to the website! ------------------------------------- We offer features similar to other popular Q&A websites, such as weighted answers, reputation, and community-controlled moderation. Asking your scripting questions here is not only fun and easy for you, but it also helps anyone else who has the same question. Questions from Scripting Helpers will be indexed by search engines, making it very easy for those in the future to find what they are looking for. Follow @ScriptHelpers on Twitter to stay up to date with Scripting Helpers news!

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  • abje's places

    makes mazes at random. click the maze to make another. Other places too, most of them are uncopylocked. if a game has a menu it is most likely opened by pressing "q"

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