From O l yDear Bullies, See that boy you made fun of for reading a book? Last night his best friend died. See that girl you called fat? She is making herself  hungry.See that girl you teased? Ya she's not living now. See that old man you just made fun of his scar? He fought for his country. Copy this onto your profile if you are against bullying and you love god. Because it says in the Bible of you ignore god he will ignore you infront of the gates of h e a v a n If you copy this he will smile down on you and accept you into his kingdom. We all are his children and we don't deserve to go to h e a v an but he will accept us if you accept him. Life is a test to see if you will be allowed into h e a v a n and if you fail that test you will be cast into hell to rot.Read More


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