I don't mind if you see me in my place and you come visit, because I might be needing someone to test something.

Come to your place? No.
Answer your messages? Might, If I don't answer your PM it's because it's either a stupid PM (Yes, no stupid offers for hats, faces, whatever) or I'm too busy to bother to reply.
Make things for you? (depends if there's cash in there lol.)
Donate? No.
Come to my own game with you? Might.
Accept friend requests? Yes.

My referal code is: 32-841-937. Type this when you get builders club and we both get 50 R$ :)

I have 4 #1337 items; The Awe Star, Modern Military Santa, Wild West Santa, and Town and City Santa. I also have the #9001 Boo Visor. :P

Level 88 on Clockwork's calculator.

"Because it ends, we are able to move on. Something that doesn't end.. is like some crappy game."Read More

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  • ★The Most Fun + Easy SSBB Obby!★

    Be sure to join this brawl group: http://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=54878 If VIP Door is broke, say "fixdoor" to regen it (only works on new servers). Some Super VIP commands has been removed due to abusing. If someone is abusing admin powers, tell me. SSBB = Super Smash Bros Brawl. Some glitches fixed too. Some servers are glitched, if it is then try another. Laggy when you enter, but don't worry the lag will go away. It was my first place, so it's pretty lame but enjoy anyway. ========================= If teleports don't work, say "teleport", if givers don't work, say "givers" ======================== VIP Shirt link: http://www.roblox.com/Item.aspx?ID=13718741 ======================== Super VIP Shirt link (Gives admin commands): http://www.roblox.com/Item.aspx?ID=14310106 Admin commands will be on new servers. ======================== Be sure to join my cla

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  • ★ Super Smash Bros. Brawl *GUI MORPHS!* ★

    Favourite if you want :D. Be sure to join this brawl group: http://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=54878 Under Construction, working on leaderboard, weapons, morphs and GUIs. If you played Super Smash Bros before, then you should know that the higher your percentage is, the further you get launched away. Current battlefields in game: The Halberd, Green Hill Zone. To walk around in 2D mode, use the buttons AWSD.

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  • Ⓞ The Ownagers - H.Q.

    Everything is built by me except the vending machine and the code door, I upgraded the vending machine a bit. The weapons in the weapon area are all retextured by me. The Ownagers H.Q., under construction. The Admins/V.I.O.'s will get a statue of themselves.

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  • Ⓞ The Ownagers - Test

    Still under construction. Only the worthy ones will be rewarded with the badge. If you have ideas, post them on comments and it might even get made. ========================= If you can't hear the music, take the music boxes from my models. And you should be able to hear them now.

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  • The Day of Disaster

    ROBLOXia is under great danger, find the soul gems before it's too late. Explore through horrible places and save ROBLOXia. Now you can hike on the mountains!

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  • The ULTIMATE Showdown in SPACE

    A place for a EPIC Showdown. Credit to Telamon for all his swords.

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