- I pledge allegiance to the Flag of Christ and to the Savior for whose Kingdom it stands. One Savior. crucified. risen. and coming again with life and liberty to all who believe. #LivingLifeForGod Some may hate me for it. Some may praise me for it. Whatever it takes I will not quit Public opinion won't take me down. I'm a follower of God. His love is profound. I won't let my soul be bound. His opinion of me, is the one I listen to. My sins are forgiven. Jesus died for me and you. Will you accept his gift? Or will you continue to sift, through all the worthless things that this sinful world brings?Read More

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    - Welcome aboard the Frigate ship named Tantive IV. located in the Outer-rim of the Galaxy, this ship is controlled by the Roblox Grand Republic Navy. - Ship Information: This ship contains many different facilities including - - The hanger bay - The shield generator room - The engine room - A communications and meeting room - The bridge - Ship history: This ship is part of a small frigate fleet of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars known as Tantive. This fleet was made up of five ships named after Tantive and the roman numerals one through five. These ships were specifically used to transport both senatorial bodies and Jedi personnel across Republic space to visit other planetary systems. Today, it is used a defensive body against the Galactic Empire in the new era known as the second Galactic Civil War as the Galactic Republics Third space naval fleet. - Public information: This is only a civilian server, it is not defendable. - Location: This vessel is curr

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