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I am farterbotz, a player who got bored of just playing and is not skilled at scripting. I can give ideas for a game and can also do some modelling, so if I can get a job based on these two I'd appreciate it. Blame Roblox for removing my sole source on income, the daily login bonuses, for making me that desperate. Don't send friend requests to me if you don't know me well enough or not a familiar to the games I go to. 

I am the ex-shipmaster and admin on break of this Galaxy.Read More


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  • Hold Your Ground

    Due to creator inactivity, game is discontinued and may be switched to another project. Hold your ground and stop the enemies from advancing! Current version no: 0.00 Based on various 'Build to survive the X' games, except AIs are planned, no infinite building materials and others.

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  • Spotted Dove Ships Corp Display Shipyard

    A place where Spotted Dove Ships Corp proudly displays their products. Contains some ships before they were remade. Message me if you do request the models of the un-remade ships. Looks ugly right now, will decorate it sooner or later.

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