_______________________________________ I joined on the 7/16/2011 _______________________________________ Status: ☆ (Rarely Active) _______________________________________ I don't have much time to finish off my temple of Nike'. _______________________________________ I don't pick friends randomly, I choose the ones I mostly know well. _______________________________________ "Never brain against brawn. Always brain and brawn" -Apagon Read More

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  • Roblox Wikia: The Group

    Fans of the Roblox Wikia! New logo coming soon.

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  • Impureil Angels Force

    Welcome to Impureil Angel Force IAF you will need wings to join because god dosent allow mortals to wander the power of the heavens! post on the wall of what angel you would like to be. THERE IS ONLY GOING TO BE ONE HIGH RANK WICHT A PHEW PEOPLE WILL GET THE JOB AT..THE REST OF YOU LIKE Angel Of Life and Earth and WELL all the elemental angels will be treated the same!

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      Angel Of Destruction
  • The Irish Assasins

    Welcome to The Irish Assasins! You not need join if you are not Irish, we welcome everybody! Help Guide Below: To be Promoted: Go to Training or simply help the group with ads, training e.t.c. War: We currently have two enemies that seem to be very powerful, Join today to help us repel them! Allies: We have a few allies, located in the Ally list below and make sure to respect them! Training: Training will be held once most of the Group are active and online. Please don't constantly go online for training, we will tell you in shouts. Thank you for visiting The Irish Assassins, And have don't forget to join us today!

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  • Temple of Nike'™ {BETA}

    Hey guys. I never really got the time to finish this temple, ever since my dad had banned ROBLOX from the internet here, so you will have to make do with whats left. There was a war going on here but I never got to get rid of the war stuff.

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