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  • Donald Trump for Prez

    Let's make America great again. Vote for trump, spread the word and we will be a prosperous country once again. Donald trump, one of the better US businessmen and now going to be one of the best "politicians" America has ever had as POTUS. Join today and help let your parents, brothers, sisters, and even yourself know to vote for this man. Let's make America great again. Winning in trade, deals, and even alliances. This is going to be one of the best presidents since the founding fathers. This is also the largest group for Donald trump 2016. Join today and be a part of the debate for and against him. Rules: 1. We are welcoming debates, we are the future of America and we are trying our best to be involved in politics so we know who we are electing. However, debates must follow the ROBLOX guidelines and rules.

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      Vote for Donald Trump
  • Risk - European Conquest RP

    Due to the amount of backlog and frustrating errors, it may take us some time to look over your join request. If you meet our criteria, you can expect to be accepted within a week. Game(R15 breaks things, switch to R6): Filtering Enabled version(go here if you encounter exploiters): ok because im tired of replying to messages regarding discord server, you can just go ahead and find someone that is in it and ask them to create an invite link or something and have them send that to you. thx. Admin regulations guidelines: Casus Belli list: Risk Table of Contents:

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