If you're feeling up to it (and looking for a cheap laugh), I suggest you check out this video that a friend of mine made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrz1Pea44aM 

You can find me on most social media using some variation of my username.

It's pronounced "wrench"

Known at various times as charlottelatin61542, AwesomeNaterLAZER, Omelas, Arbeit, Kaamchor, Synchysis, ShadyThesauri, Sevael,  SyndiK8, and Heartwrenzhing.

AMAB transgender female. If you have any (respectful) questions, or simply need someone to talk to, feel free to contact me on any platform.Read More

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    Random stuff that I work on. Slightly more fun to play with two people Always open, always free - feel free to take a copy Also, this might be turned into an actual game at some point. If anyone wants to provide some/all of the building, that would be awesome. Controls: Hold down left click to aim Arc Jump and release to jump Log/notes: - Shifted Arc Jump to left click - Removed everything except Arc Jump - Arc Jump now shows you a preview of where you're going - Now features keybinds instead of tools, see controls above - Brixter and Arc Jump are basically working - Shield is not quite functional yet - Also some fancy new stuff - And anything that comes to mind

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