Hewwo I'm furry, I act like a normal person though, I'm not in any furry fandom group either.

Tester/Moderator in BloxByte Games. 👻 

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🏆 December 1st 2018, Obtained the title ''Winner'' in Epic Minigames. 
🏅 2nd Oct 2018, Rank 27 most wins leaderboard, in Epic Minigames. 
💰 21th June 2017, purchased first Limited item: Tabby Egg. 
💰 26th May 2018, purchased a Limited U item: Noob Attack: Fallen Artemis Fatality. 

Family: Le_Waffles, Kodi and Star 💜💛 

Good friends: 

Erik 💫✨

Jackeryz 🎥

Kung 🐰 

Waffles and Kodi 💛 

Cai 🤤 

Fluffy 💚 

Swaggy βš’ 

xDEVlN 😺 

Dani 💩 

Star 🌟 

Tea β˜• 

Building rate: 3.9/5 

Be you, and don't change yourself. Everyone is unique. -Crash 

I don't accept friend requests, I apologize. The reason why I don't is, because these are people I (hang out/work with) on a daily basis. Even if I'm not your Roblox friend, we can still be buddies. :)Read More


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  • Kingdom of Robloxia - Showcase

    It is not that medieval when you check out the rooms, but the rooms were customized by my friends and it doesn't have to make sense. There is no objective in this game, consider it as a hangout place. Dear Robloxians, I am a young developer that has fun doing showcases like this one. My goal with these showcases is to get nominated for the bloxys and maybe even win. I would really appreciate if you would vote this or one of my other work as the best showcase. I don't really force you to vote, just do it if you want to support developers that never have won a bloxy.

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  • Beach Coast - Showcase.

    - This was originally created for Epic Minigames. - This was made by me & Swaggyist. ------------- Consider this is now a hangout place for friends, etc.

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  • Crash's Interview Center

    Want to be interviewed by me and be a friend of mine? Or are you already a friend? If you are, you can stay here for a nice talk, this place is for interviews and hangouts.

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