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  • The Norman Kingdom

    This group is based on the Norman Kingdom founded by Hrolf Ganger (or Rollo). The Normans Dukes were descendants of one of the last remaining Scandanavian Vikings or Yngling dynasties. They were Norse Vikings and conquered anything they could, their history was very bloody and they participated in many wars. They were the first Vikings led by Hrolf Ganger to conquer western France and establish Normandy. Many believe that the Normans brought the feudal system to Europe. ♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞♞ During the time your join request is pending you MUST be wearing the uniform. While on duty (patrolling forts or participating in raids/trainings) you must be in uniform. The uniform includes all of the following rules, failure to follow these means you are not in uniform. You can not wear any packages while on duty, and can only wear medieval hats on duty. Refusal to follow these rules will lead in your demotion/exilation. Forum: http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=102436517

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