Hi , I'm MarioRyan0608.
It's time to move on from Ro-transport, then to C&G, then back to Ro-transport AND Ro-sports! Ah, and building plus scripting!

Proud Soldier of The Robloxian Army 
10 Feb 2013 ~ 17 May 2015
Final Rank Achieved: Colonel

I am a nice person who likes to have fun or joke around. Feel free to follow me in-game at anytime!
I'm from Hong Kong SAR, China.
Feel free to send me PMs regarding about anything, I read all of them, yet it depends whether I would reply or not.
My activity time (EST):
0800-1030 (Mon)
0730-1030 (Tue Wed Thur)
0800-1030, 2000-2359 (Fri)
0000-1500, 2000-2359 (Sat)
0000-1030 (Sun)

"Attitude is Altitude."

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