Hello! I am DementedDroid! I am a nerd who loves Star Wars here on ROBLOX! I am an amateur builder and I enjoy politics and history. This is my third account on ROBLOX and by far the one I've enjoyed the most! If you need to contact me feel free to send me a message--you will need to follow me.

To anyone else who has read this far, if you are a group owner and are looking for some maps, do not buy from BiofaxSaberhagen or his "company" as it is a scam-company which sells open-sourced technology which you can easily find if you do some digging. An example is that sell SolarHorizon's sabers for around $30.00 USD even though SolarHorizon made the sabers open-source so that anyone can use them FOR FREE. You can find them on his profile.Read More


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