• The Trenches of France (Battle of The Somme) BETA

    It's The Great War in the trenches of Somme France. The battle is in a stalemate with no advancements and the French have to abandon the trenches to go and protect the south, but the British Forces have arrived. About: This game is a team conquest with the goal of having all objectives captured. Updates: Fixed round system bug, smoother crouching, and new low health effect. CONTROLS: GUNS: Left Click to fire, Right Click to aim, and R to reload. BAYONET: F to stab. MELEE: Left Click to Attack. FLAMETHROWER: Hold down Left Click. GRENADE: Left Click to throw. BASIC: Left Shift to sprint and Left Control to crouch. CHAT: /votekick (Player name) then say yes or no. EMOTES: /e dance for surrender. WARNING: This game may contain content not suitable for children under 13 TESTING: Please note this game is still in testing and some features may not work.

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