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  • The Ultimate Obby! [ Updated ]

    Note to yourself that I currently have 7492 R$ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to go halfway through the obby? Buy the t-shirt! T-Shirt Link- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You see those dislikes? Those are from rage-quitters that couldn't finish. NOTE: You will ONLY get the prize if the owner is in your server, otherwise he won't have proof that you won! People have already won, and I can give you their usernames if you want for proof that this is not a scam. Otherwise, have fun! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  • The Hardest Obby In Roblox!

    Win this obby for admin. Those dislikes are from rage-quitters that are terrible at this game. Good luck

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  • [NBC] -Pro Obby- [Read Desc]

    I hope you have an awesome time! I removed the comments due to too much spam. I'm sorry! I didn't use scripting in any parts of my game, the Welcome GUI is from my friend. Send me a message and I will tell you what you also get if you win. This game was fully made, edited and moderated by me, but as I said, the scripting was not from me, hence I took a copy of Kohl's admin because I don't know how to make admin myself! Make sure to spread the word around about this game. Thanks in advance, and good luck. -Jimmy

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  • Old Roblox Place

    Behind the house there is a secret tunnel. Keep on going through the tunnels(with the car) until you reach the desert biome. Then follow the road and it will bring you to the space station :) Ah, this gives me the memories back when I joined in 2010. Back then, when you create a new place this place comes up. I'm so glad I didn't delete this :) By the way, roblox made all of these, I didn't build anything.

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  • Remote Desert Island Wars [ Original ]

    NOTE: Many people are copying this game and making free models of it! Note that this game is the original version, and the rest are copied. Press "1" for Pistol Press "2" for sub-machine gun Press "3" for sniper Press "4" for knife Press "5" for assault rifle The uzi has the most damage, by the way.

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