Hello there, I am Rage. If you are my friend, you may know some of this stuff about me. If not, here you go.

I am not a very active player, since I am more on disc. And safechat won’t let me share that with you, so sadly I can’t. I may be able to tell you it if you friend me, but roblox safechat keeps getting worse and worse.

My laptop broke, so I can’t actually make any games right now, which stinks, but the computer was very laggy anyway. I am probably getting a new computer anyway, that actually works better.

I am not a fan of much roblox games as of now. In fact, no roblox games as of now hit my interest. I am not a big fan of simulators, or obbys, unless the obbys are fully customizable and have no buttons. I do enjoy lots of 

I run on Eastern time zones (EST) and I sadly still have safechat. 

Well, that’s all I can say without this being cut short. Have a nice day! :D


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