• Warhammer 40k Weapon Showcase [WIP]

    A shooting range for the collection of 40k related firearms I've modeled. Originally these models were made for an Imperium of Man group that has since evaporated. Since I already put a lot of work into the models I decided to clean them up, modernize their scripts, and put them in a showcase. If you own a 40k group and wish to purchase these tools feel free to DM me. The script used in these weapons were made by thienbao2109. (ignore this perfectly effective and not at all futile tag spam) RTHRO , obby , oby , obstacle , course , rainbow , long , popular , super , really , easy , fun , funny , mega , free , colorful , colors , color , colour , colourful , colours , noob , lava , jumps , jump , jumping , anime , dragon ball , gacha , building , military, uncopylocked, slender, siren head, stairs,

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