This account was locked out for a good 5 years until early 2021 when I was able to gain access to it again.

I still play this game from time to time, mostly for nostalgia and such. I do other things now, like game development and IT work. This game, pre-2010 made me who I am childhood wise, and although I am not a fan of the updates nowadays, this game still lives in my heart as something I am fond of a lot alongside Unregistered Hypercam 2, Windows XP, the usual nostalgic pre-2010 kinda stuff.

Fun Fact: My current avatar was my avatar I used back in 2008, going to keep it that way for nostalgic, preservation sake.



  • Video Game Console Desturction! (Coming Soon.)

    This is the new DESTORY THE 64DD!!! Under the title VIDEO GAME CONSOLE DESTRUCTION! to avoid Nintendo copyrighting up my butt. Anyway, this will have no VIP, More consoles that are not by copyrighted companies, and more!

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