• The Catcher [🕷️Widow The Spider!]

    🙀 RUN! HIDE! ESCAPE!🙀 Can you escape the Catcher by clearing treats from the maps as a team?!?😿😾😼 Will you be the hero that helps your captured friends escape using perfectly-timed Powerups?? 😈 Poison! "Lights-Out"! Pet Sidekick Stinky-bombs! Plus Morty, the T-Rex🦖 that morphs into a kitten! 🔪🙀THE CATCHER WILL NOT SPARE YOU!🔪🙀 If you enjoy Piggy, Survive The Killer, Banana Eats, and Spider - You'll love The Catcher! ............... NEW UPDATES: ⭐New Catcher Characters: 🐷Hogatha & Pork Chop🐷!! ⭐Use code "MORTY" for The Catcher's Morphing Pet T-Rex! ⭐Use codes "KATE" and "JANET" for Kate & Janet Bear Skins! ⭐Use code "STARSQUAD" for a Star Squad Unicorn Skin! ............... 🕹️Join the Group for in-game perks: 🛠️Game Credits: ❤️Leave a Like for more maps and updates! ALPHA TESTING🐜🐞 Please report bugs and glitches

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