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  • Black Magic Berzerker Group

    ----Welcome to the Black Magic Berzerker group---- This is the official group for people who main the class "Berzerker" in Black Magic. Please read the rules before you join the group. RULES; Breaking any of the rules can result in exile from the group or demotion. ADDITIONAL INFO ON THE GROUP; The new top Berzerker list (in the desc) Picture credits to CheckImarcelinos.

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  • Assasin's Creed 2

    Join this group if your a fan of Assasin's Creed!

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  • Time Breakers [DBS]

    The Time Breakers, early on referred to as the "Pale Man's Army", are an alliance of villains commanded by the Demon Gods and their superiors in the God hierarchy. Time Breaker Recruit: Join the group. Time Breaker Rookie: Level 500 Time Breaker Soldier: Level 5000 Time Breaker General: Level 50,000 Demon Gods: Chosen by KcrazyBlack or Dolugh.

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      Time Breaker Recruit
  • Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

    Discord Code: TujddUW ========Welcome to Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Group! ------ This group is connected to 2 games Dragon Ball Super1 and 2------ DBS1 Link: DBS2 Link:!/game-instances ---------12 God's------------------ Universe1->Burniinz-(Teacher-->()) Universe2->Deathomatic3-(Teacher-->(TheRock13246)) Universe3->___________-(Teacher-->(camkiller098)) Universe4->USAwarriorcats-(Teacher-->(ILP77)) Universe5->jammer1001-(Teacher-->(dbradford2001)) Universe6->Josefumi-(Teacher-->(SadKyrie)) Universe7->Zirconium_King-(Teacher-->(MasterOfUniverse98)) Universe8->Davidxd00(Teacher-->()) Universe9->Scooterdragonslayer(Teacher-->()) Universe10->xXLukasLTXx(Teacher-->()) Universe11->meiri180408(Teacher-->()) Universe12->DogeMlgLive2(Teacher-->())

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  • The Corrupting

    **THIS GROUP IS FOR USERS WHO CHOOSES THE CORRUPTION FACTION** Millions of years ago, there was a war greatly known as the "The Dead Eclipse", half the human race wiped for the great sun and moon clashed. The two spirits of the opposite in which represent all of dark and another, all of light waged war. The lightspeaker won, yet going forward in time, the shadows still prevail under the sunlight. Forged in the darkest of shadows, created by their own nightmares, the corruption. **GROUP OWNER: BIack_Magic** How to rank up: Confront the "Teachers of the Unhallowed" for more information

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  • Tal'darim

    Elitist group for skilled Black Magic players. You must send an application to Biiyolmun to join. If you are accepted you will be messaged, if not you will be kicked from the group. Application:

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  • Paradise Hotels®

    Welcome to Paradise Hotels Our group is not like other hotels, We provide amazing service with great quality. We strive to make our guests feel at home. We have also have extras for our wealthier guests. If you have any problems contact me or another HR. Wanna see the Hotel, Join the game down below. Want a job here, Just wait for a HR To shout. ________________________________________ Would you like to work here? Fill out the application and send it to Ankatic! Staff and Member rules to Follow Interview/Training Information ________________________________________ V2 will soon be released to the public, please stay tuned everyone! Founded by Ankatic

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      15| Chief Executive Officers
  • Black Magic Community

    This group is made for black magic to discuss the upcoming features prior to the actual game. The game: Official Bersekers Training: Some Black Magic Guidlines applies to this community group displayed here! RULES OF THIS GROUP: -No advertising -Appeals must be directed to the admins -No spamming -No being rude/harrassing others -No calling qaeo baeo

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