Praise the Anger

I'll come on to check up on things, but not much else. I rarely go in-game anymore. I read all PMs, but don't expect me to reply, especially if you didn't put much thought into it.

Amusing how people think I'll accept their friend requests when I've made it clear that I won't.

AKA I won't accept your friend requests. Period.

None of my hats are for sale, and that includes my Golden Robloxian. Now stop asking.


Q: Can I be your friend?
A: No.

Q: Can you come to my place?
A: No.

Q: Can I be in your videos?
A: No.

Q: Are you Asian?

Q: I like your videos!
A: N- ...Oh. Thanks.

Q: When's the next RRR?
A: When I feel like it.

Q: I'm a big fan of yours!
A: Glad to hear it!

Q: I hate you! You're a jerk!
A: Good for you.Read More


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  • The Dry Bones Arcade

    Dry Bones is awesome. He's so awesome, he has his own arcade. Now with earnable achievements! Wearing the VIP badge will give you 500 tickets to start with! ---Say "suicide" or "reset" to reset your character. Work in progress. Feel free to PM me with suggestions. Special thanks: backupNicole for the plinko machine. TheBloxCode for the Darts game idea (and my mind for going out of the box in terms of actually designing it). PATCH! (November 5, 2015): You know how the rifle in the shooting range didn't work for the longest time? Well I finally figured out how to fix it. Enjoy! Please PM me if you find any bugs.

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  • Territory War (Unfinished, WIP)

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  • Freehaven Gorge [[Dynamic Lighting!]] [Unfinished]

    Believe me. That door is sealed for a reason. This was going to be VIP only until I finished the place, but since I'm not going to be selling VIP anymore and I doubt I'm ever gonna finish this place, I'm opening it to the public so you guys can see what kind of progress I'd made. The place is unfinished, so don't expect much.

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  • Walk On Water CTF

    One of the most random Capture The Flag games ever. If you're alone, you can fight zombies while you wait for competition. The brown platforms are very wobbly. The grey platforms may seem stable, but don't camp on them too long; they aren't safe. If you stay underwater too long, you'll drown. Do your best to stay above sea level! The Leap tool can be used for a quick burst of upward force, but it needs a moment before it can be reused. Use it to hop up to grab the flag. Watch out for falling debris and giant hail when you hear thunder! Hint: Objects can float on the water. Use them as temporary platforms. Each round is ten minutes long. The team with the most points wins!

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  • Burning Crossroads

    The ROBLOX Team spent ages working on this masterpiece. Now watch it burn in 5 minutes.

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