"What we denounce from ourselves, we replace with something new. The regression of life and the fluidity of existence is a continuous giving and taking. We take from our experiences, and we give to our emotions. The inherent beauty of emotion is its ability to change our experiences. This paradox fuels everything we know. Like Life & Death. They give, and they take. Again & again. 'They' in this context, are the roles of the observers. Recycling the same idea, and the intrinsic mechanism of reality that 'what begins, must end'. And somehow, eventually we accept this. Our affinity for being and our apprehension for n0nentity. It gives us our purpose, and we take it indefinitely. They give us desire, and we fill it with everything. All that you have, has been given to you. And you gave yourself all of it. In this particular case, giving is 'receiving'. Because you can take as much as you want. But the more you take, the more you give. And you give it all. Every last bit." -UnknownRead More


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