Здраво! Зовем се гитрог, ја сам из САД али говорим српски.

Hi! My name is gitrog, I am a seventeen year old game developer. My native language is English, although I speak a fair amount of Serbian. On Roblox, I primarily do scripting and programming, but I also do UI Design and 3D Modeling.

Not currently looking to start any new projects, sorry! My current projects include Bloxell, Downtown Chronicles, and I did some work for The Third Crusade in the past.

The best way to contact me is on the messaging service that shall not be named, my username is gitrog#0001.Read More


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  • Downtown Chronicles [OPEN BETA]

    Current Version: v5.20.11 If your server displays another version on the main menu, you are on an outdated server. Set foot in the city of Bloxford and form your story. In this open world city roleplaying game, define how you want to live your life. Criminals, police, and businessmen all flock to Bloxford for the diversity it offers. This game is in Beta. Resets of money, items, and other in game stats are subject to reset. Save frequently with "/savestats." This game is based on the Bloxell series, and may be considered the fifth installment in the series.

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  • Bloxell Roleplay IV

    NO LONGER WHITELISTED! Bloxell Roleplay. A community of excellent roleplayers looking for a realistic and entertaining roleplay experience. Roleplay quality is ensured by our staff team. All scripts and models in game were made by the Bloxell Development Team, with the exceptions of Quenty's qPerfectionWeld, and Sceleratis' Adonis Loader. We also would like to thank members of the Bloxell Community ReduxHype and 313Destined for making contributions to the game.

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