Hello everyone! Since you are reading my blurb I have decided that you should know somthing about this person that has quit roblox, I am Dawnshadow160 joined march 11th in 2011, I had multipule accounts untill I settled on this one.
Best friends on roblox - Hawksoul, Basketballryan, Firejhonthan10, Esabella1026 I have great friends now but those three and I go way back.

Person I wish I could apologize to - Kensai666, Not because he is famous. Its because I did a wrong to him,I would feel the same way if he wasnt famous but anyway, I had no right to say what I said and I really feel bad about it..If he ever reads this I want him to know I'm sorry.

Roblox ambition - For some reason I always wanted to be famous and be very popular and have a BLUESTEEL FEDORA, I still want all those things but I'm pretty content not being mobbed.

Oldest friend on roblox - Tino515, We go father back then ever..

Game I will play once and awille even though I quit - The conquers, I think HatheRead More

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