ROBLOX memories... Every time I log in, a huge rush of memories flow through my mind. All those good and bad times that I shared with my ol' friends were the best! I believe those time will never come back again, however, I shall never forget all those memories I shared with ya out there! From bloxxin to buildin to forumin. Grew to the point where I cannot handle playing this and life at the same time anymore. This is why I left long time ago. To those who are still playing and those that stop, still love ya!Read More


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  • ___ !Adventure Obby! ___ (UnderConstruct.)

    Currently [20] Stages. I'm still in the progress of adding more surroundings and thinking of new ideal obstacles to add into the game. I dislike having to repeat the same obstacles back and forth. xP _______________________________________ UPDATE(s) GUIs added, Map extended _______________________________________ I made this Obby quite awhile ago. Decided to finish building it. I don't know why some people say Stage 1 & 2 are hard. x] If you find any bugs, glitch, mistakes, or even think a stage is just too hard, feel free to PM me!

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