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  • Range's Cape Revolution Testers

    Official testers/fan group for "The Tales of Range's Cape", "The Lords of Nomrial" and the upcoming "Dawn of Destructias" by Yourius. You can expect news for upcoming updates here. If you're lucky you'll even get to test upcoming items! HOW TO RANK UP: Be an active group member. This means frequently posting on the group wall. Report any bugs you find on the group wall or on Twitter to @RealYourius. When we are testing something new (mostly shouted on the group shout part) make sure you're there. A nutshell: BE ACTIVE AND STAY ON TOPIC!

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  • The Slime Squad

    The official group for Slime afficionados and casual fans alike! Join in if you like Slimes, Slime games, or even just the group itself! Feel free to share any good Slime games you find, too. Only rules are to respect each other regardless of rank and be polite! - Ranks [Ask a Royal Slime to change your rank, if you meet its requirement.] -- Green Slime [None, average Slime] -- Yellow Slime [None, builder Slime] -- Red Slime [None, fighter Slime] -- Blue Slime [None, explorer Slime] -- Warrior Slime [Must collect 3 badges from JustinP231's Attack of The Slimes III] -- Big Slime [Must be a ROBLOX Veteran] -- Royal Slime [Hand-picked Administrator] -- King Slime [The Group Leader]

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    【PROTOCOL SYSTEM】:- Protocol 3:- Status [Patrol HQ] [Possible Raid] ______________________________________ Welcome to Vortex Special Ops Vortex Special Ops is a private Military Corporation.We are Not related in any way with VS and do Not Support it.We are an elite group with highly trained soldiers.Join today and be part of something worth working for. _____________________________________ 【Defeated】:-FC,MB,TRA,USM,RAA,RNW,TRE,APN, _____________________________________ 【VSO Group GUIDE】:-[{UPDATED!]:- ______________________________________ 【News】:- [Re-Organized and ready for new Recruits] _____________________________________ 【Primary Base】:-

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  • Roblox Derby

    Follow me on Twitter: @Ripull_RBLX ___________________________________________ When you join, you become a VIP in all ROBLOX Derby games! ___________________________________________ Vip abilities for RBD2: -Red Team. -+2 Points per hit. -VIP car "Zapper". (Click the "<" button when on the "Earner" car screen.) -Ability to change camera mode. ( Guide: ) Vip abilities for RBD1: -Red team. -+2 Points per hit. -(+5) speed, torque and turn. -50% discount in shop. -Buggati Veyron.

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  • Official Turbo Builders Club Members

    Anyone can join. Just a fun thing to do in roblox. I am on about everyday so I would upgrade all the time. Thanks for joining!

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