im 9 my bed time is 7 but if i do my homework and get 100% i can stay up until 7:15 I spend a lot of my time playing phantom forces my mom says im the best player she's ever seen! my favorite snack whelchy fruit snacks i eat at least 3 packs a day. fun fact about me i can tie my shoes very fast and my favorite number is 8 but will sometimes change to 5 and maybe even 3 if im tired. on Tuesday my favorite color is orange but every other day it's blue i can eat a taco in under 3 minutes and if I took my daily nap I can do 16 push ups in a row but if it's not i can usually do at least 13. i am able to jump down 12 steps but if i have my lucky blue striped socks on usually around 14 and i once stole a piece of gum from someone at school. usually if i get 70 or better on my report card my parents will take me to toys r us and i can get anything i want. im one of the smartest kids at my school and i almost won a spelling bee but misspelled the word 'tellivision


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