• BloxFarm Tycoon 🏃‍♀️SpeedRun

    __🥇__ SpeedRun Challenge: Unlock all lands to win speedrun (50000 rb in total)! See More Detail in our social links! __🎯__ About The Game Discover where millions of robloxian's foods from! 🌱 Grow crops and sell them to gain profits! 🔨 Mine stones and get multiple assistants to help you! 🔬 Research for rare seeds and sell giant fruits! 🔍 More gameplay is on the way! Like and follow us to get tuned! __👍__ Like to Support Us Like from you will promote our team to do more updates. 👍 5k likes to update OreShop 🏪 👍 ??? likes to update Merge Gameplay 👍 ??? likes to update Construction 🏗 __🎁__ Codes: LIKES LIKEFORMORECODES get more codes in our social links! __🎈__ Updates: 9/20 Max Sell of Giant Fruit for Ores is now refresh correctly.

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