protip, if you want to dev but are feeling anxious/hesitant, just dev for 10 minutes and finish off by watching one episode of your favourite TV show or video game

replacing something unpleasant with something fun after tricks your brain into thinking its not that bad

protip 2: you dont have to make a game that pulls thousands of players to be considered successful. even a game that averages a couple hundred players can easily pay your rent and for other luxaries

protip 3: just put in the effort into roblox. this is a once in a lifetime oppertunity. 4 years on roblox would put you much further than 4 years in school. roblox developers have the ability to earn what both their parents make in a year in just under a month

protip 4: developers would respect you more if you release a game that flops over a game that never releases in the first place

protip 5: how did i get here? i spent every day of the past 5 years on this site, sacrificing everything. consistency is key!

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