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  • A.O.T.N Army Of The Nation

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  • Team Base Wars

    We are a clan that dominates the kill board with the kills we earn with our skills in Base Wars:The land. Join today to show your kills & skills. This is not a war clan. "We fight with skills to show our kills." ___________________________________________ When you need to be ranked up message a Group Helper/Lead Helper or CoejoeTheGreat. You have to prove to them that you have the necessary requirements that follow. ___________________________________________ Rank Requirements: • Beginner - 100KOs & over • Good Player - 750KOs & over • Great Player - 1500KOs & over • Awesome Player - 3000KOs & over • Pros - 5000KOs & over • Experts - 8500KOs & over • Epic Players - 10000KOs & over • Near Legends - 18000KOs & over • Legends - 25000KOs & over w/ 10KDR NOTE: Lying about KOs or KDR is a definite exile. Other situations are judged and dealt with by CoejoeTheGreat. ________________________________________

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  • Base War Experts

    ‡‡Welcome to Base War Experts‡‡ This group is made specially for players with good Kill Death Ratios(KDRs) in "Base Wars: The Land!" Don't have that much kills, but still a great fighter? Well, this is the group for you! Time to show off your true skill in Base War Experts! To be promoted: -Minimum requirement of kills: 750 -You must have a KDR of 2.0+ -To be promoted, you cannot just tell us your KDR, follow HumanXerxes or a Group Helper in Base Wars. • Skilled Players: 2.0+ • Pros: 4.0+ • Epic Players: 6.0+ • Masters: 8.0+ • Experts: 10.0+ To find your KDR, just divide the number of your kills by the number of your deaths. (You may need a calculator) Another way to find your KDR: Enter a server of Base Wars: The Land. In the bottom-left corner of your screen, click 'Your Base war Profile.' It will bring up a GUI with all of your stats, including your KDR.

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  • The Flash

    Join the big Bang!. Hartmanator55 has created a group base that will be the center for the group.If you advertise or get any new members for the flash Hartmanator55 will make you an admin.If u want admin, ask me for it and i will try to give it to you.THANX FOR JOINING THE FLASH!!! KACHOW!!!!

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  • Masked Nation

    M.N We are the assasins of roblox. Motto the world may stand still but the war is never over To get promoted just do good at trainings raids etc. First in command MaskedMaster 2nd in command bwiiman 3rd in command Jason9264 4th in command Reznov8948 5th in command Pwnage Pwner 6th in command google745 and 7th in command is kidray12

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  • d4rk886's Studio

    This group is about D8Dev's games. Join this group to receive Group Shouts and News. There are no auto rank up. ═════════════════ ★Projects: Base Wars! series: The Land (2009) / The Island (2011) - Combined Arms Shooters. "Combined Arms FPS Project" (Paused) - Fiction Combined Arms Shooters. The Mystic Land series: TML 1(2013) / TML 2 (2014) - MMORPG. Defend the Statue (2011) - Action game against AIs. Infection Attack series: The Dead City (2010) / Mutation (2012) - Shooter Games against AIs. ═════════════════ ☆Rank up There are no auto rank up. Read the rank for the requirement. Please message a Group Helper or find them when they are in Base Wars for a rank up. ═════════════════

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  • Destroyers of the world!!

    Hey guys, we will be starting to raid other groups! so be prepared and practice so we will have training every friday at my D.O.T.W. training place see you there!

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  • F.E.A.R Elite Sniper Division


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