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  • Imperium Empire

    The Imperium Empire has been founded with corruptness and chaos, but until now the civilians of the Imperium Empire have now overthrew the corrupt Imperium. But as they overthrew the Empire they only had another goal in mind; to destroy the rest of the Imperium. The "Imperialist" as they called themselves have been able to do so and the corrupt Empire fell into bits and pieces being stepped on by other forces. Chaos reigned for decades, as the Imperialist leaders took hold of the corruption. But now the year is 2978 and a new era is said to begin.

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  • ✪Armored Ship Battle✪ Fan Club

    Game: http://www.roblox.com/games/8378767/ASB Testing Place: http://www.roblox.com/games/64178930/ASBTest >> New Members << Thanks for joining the community! New members will be reviewed before given wall posting permission to prevent spam. [ Group Info ] The original ASB from 2010 is being restored! Stay up-to-date with the latest news, talk about the game, and get involved with the development! Members get 10% bonus points at the end of every game round! [ Development Notes ] The next update is all about passes and badges. Below are the ideas so far. --Passes Double stamina, 65R$ Infinite stamina, 150R$ 50% body armor, 125R$ 100% body armor, 250R$ VIP = 25% bonus points, 200R$ Mega VIP = 100% bonus points, 600R$ --Badges Thanks for playing First win 100 wins 5 kills in one round 20 kills in one round Hijack a vehicle Destroy a vehicle Capture a flag Make the first capture of the round

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  • Soviets

    Join this group to support the rise of the Soviet Union! The T-90 Russian tank and the SU-37 are superior peices of technology.

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