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  • Princess Luna

    If you are a fan of Princess Luna (Princess Celestia's sister) this group is just for you! ______________________________ Updated Group Rules: ______________________________ If TheWhiteWerewolf is gone or absent ask our Co-Owner or another admin if you need assistance. ______________________________ Original Owner: Hypersonic643 ______________________________ My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! ______________________________ Keywords: Princess Luna Celestia Canterlot My Little Pony Magic is Friendship Alicorn Unicorn Pegasus Earth Rulers Equestria Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash Applejack Pinkie Pie Rarity Fluttershy Spike Ponies

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  • Fluttershy Fans

    This group is for fans of Fluttershy, from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We have the pending members rank for security purposes. If you're a pending member and you haven't been ranked up to full member after 24 hours, please send a message to a group admin to get ranked up to Fluttershy Fan. Thanks.

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  • Helpful ROBLOXians Group Administration

    Main Group: The purpose of this group is for the Helpful Robloxians group administrators to discuss management issues in a private environment. It also serves to further unify upper level management of the group so that any group admin can effectively step into the role of group owner in the absence of letsgopistons and I. Please do not send a join request to this group unless you are a Group Administrator in Helpful Robloxians. All group staff are welcome to join the group staff group: Anyone is welcome to join the main group: Helpful Robloxians group staff are not Roblox staff, and are not officially affiliated with Roblox or its employees.

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  • Helpful ROBLOXians Group Staff

    Main Group: Please do not send a request to join this group if you are not Helpful Robloxians Group Staff. Sometimes we accept applications for group moderator - we will post on the main group wall about it when we do. People are handpicked for other group staff positions who are already in the group staff. The Helpful Robloxians Group Staff participate in general management, upkeep, monitoring, and leadership of the Helpful Robloxians group. Please note that we make a clear distinction between Helpful Robloxians group staff and actual Roblox Staff. Any Roblox Staff members in this group or the main group will have the "Roblox Staff" rank as well as official Roblox staff badges on their profile. Helpful Robloxians group staff are not Roblox staff. Group Staff Schedule: (outdated)

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  • Helpful ROBLOXians

    Hello! This group is for Helpful ROBLOXians. Founded by sim55 and currently owned by SCS, we strive to improve the world by spreading kindness, and being helpful. This group promotes not only being helpful on Roblox, but in real life too. Join today, to help make the world a brighter place one smile at a time. Follow SCS on Twitter for updates about Helpful Robloxians: All new members are automatically pending members. They will be ranked up to Helpful Robloxians as soon as possible, so they can post on the wall. Send a message to anyone with the rank "Group Intern" or higher describing at least one time you were helpful to get ranked up. We also do our best to rank up people who post about helpful things they did on the group wall. Official Group Hangout/Meeting Place:

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    Welcome to my profile, my name is The White Werewolf. If you need to message me or talk to me, just send me a message. I'll be happy to respond. I also normally accept all friends requests

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