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  • (FIXED) Apocalypse Rising: Remade

    Fixed stuck on loading in new servers I will shutdown the game soon so that all servers will be updated. 6/25/17 is the end of this legacy. -Due to Gusmanak's Request Support by joining our Discord (Server ID: hcczh7H) Added some new animations Radio is now free with new stations/music! Fixing private servers Fixing many glitches atm. If you have any comments or suggestions message me on Xbox, PS4, Roblox, Twitter, or Discord @Superont. Lsing is patched? :o Join There are many glitches right now and we are trying to fix them asap. (P.S. I only work on the game Tue-Fri and killzone works on it whenever he has time so please be patient) Made it easier to sprint on Xbox Fixing combat log not showing Fixed skins roller not going away Changed location of activating fireworks patch all the hacks We Hit 3M+ Visits!!! Welcome to Apocalypse Rising: Remade! This was made for Xbox players that don't have a PC to experience Apocalypse Rising. Since Gusmanak will be updating Apocalypse Rising 2 and not updating apocalypse rising aside from minor updates, I will attempt to update the game. I hope you have fun and trust no one! Discord ID: hcczh7H 6/13/2017 (Update) - Brought back double skins! (Only in high tier crates!) - Updated the car controls! Xbox uses thumbstick to turn now. PC can zoom out now. - You can use your own face now by choose the "0" face - Badges have also been added back so you can now earn them! - Updated the fireworks! to activate them, look for the button around kin! - 11 new vehicles! - Added get 25 credits everyday that you survive! - You should see your group members that have a gps on the map. - Added Twitter Codes! - You now spawn with a combat knife! - Added animations! - Added faces in customization! - Added faces to zombies! - Changed the secret badge to the hero badge! - Fixed crates not opening in new servers. Coming SOON... - Trading skins - Opening/Closing Doors - Customization controls! (For Xbox) - Barrett .50cal Credits to Gusmanak, Zolarketh, and WhoBloxedWho for the core of the game Credits to stantonmikey4298 for the new cars Credits to NewVoids for patching all the hacks\ Credits to Superont for Scripting/Designing Credits to killzone45671 for helping bug fix/Scripting

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