There will always be something more to say. 
But I am tired now, and I seek respite. For in what must be said lies the source of my fatigue. My experience has beguiled me into pretense, unhappily. I cannot speak, save my wish to forgo this responsibility, spite my memories of this place to begin anew, and most importantly cease the banality of it all.
The curtains close and my act is done.Read More


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  • The Eye Obstical Course! (Check the Description)

    1. The Emerald Swamp: The objective is to find a certain, poorly-sculpted emerald amongst the other poorly-sculpted emeralds that can bring you higher and higher (A.K.A. closer to the giant creepin' eye in the sky). 2. Thin Ice: You should probably follow this pattern if you don't want to see the Ice Eye develop into a Troll Face: up-some, diagonal-step, back on track, repeat. Find the closest block you can tread on and guess or experiment with the number of forward-steps required. 3. Mountain Climb: When you can't climb the mountain my sheer jumping force, scale the edges of such barren plains until unperceivable assistance rears its invisible helping hand. 4. Terrain Training: If a standard technique doesn't work, THINK OUTSIDE THE

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