Hi, I'm a beginner/intermediate developer who enjoys playing games as much as making them. Every so often I might release a somewhat functional game.

- I won't accept friend requests from people I don't know. I have to save space on my friends list somehow, sorry!
- If you need to contact me, please go to another one of my accounts. My messages are turned off here.

The blue & black Lua jacket you'll frequently see me wearing was made graciously by Phirsts (


  • Warm Isolation

    hang out with the guys and/or gals in a cozy bedroom IMPORTANT: Money and items don't save across servers. But if you get disconnected and still have a way to get back to the server you were in, don't worry! The server will keep your progress there for ten minutes before wiping it. (This does not apply if the last player in the server leaves, as that shuts down the server entirely.) If a player is bothering you in any way, you can host a votekick on them by typing /votekick [Their username]. If successful, they will be kicked and banned from rejoining the server. - VIP servers are free! - In VIP servers you own, you can add songs to the MP3 player for free! - Players with premium get double starting salary!

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  • Fingers of TV Static

    It's two in the morning and you can't fall asleep. Note: This map was built for Future lighting. Turn your graphics quality to 5 or higher to see high quality shadows. Thanks to Caarb0n for helping out with a few models.

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  • Bus Stop Simulator

    [THIS GAME HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. IT IS NO LONGER RECEIVING UPDATES OF ANY KIND.] What's the point of this game, you ask? Well, it's simple: Wait for the bus that never comes. Controls: Left Shift to sprint Space to double jump Q + Scroll to change field of view R to toggle ragdoll mode M to view emote list

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