Angie | 24 | Floofy :3

I typically go by Angie. I'm one of those people who are quiet at first, but warm up to you after gaining trust. I'm a cat person and a nerd of a lot of things. :3

Games I play:
-Active player on Survive The Disasters 2 (sometimes other modes as well)
-Moderator in Ro-Fish
-Mostly survival games, spoopy games, relaxing ones, and SOME simulator games. Pretty much anything in my favorites list xD

I'm a very loving type of person, and I care a lot about people, especially towards the friends who I hold close. I'm a silly goofball who likes to brighten people's days, and I try to be optimistic.

Please don't take it personally if I don't want to accept your friend request. It just means that I don't know you that well. I like to get to know people first, so please respect that. Don't beg either, because that'll just make me NOT want to accept you. I keep the ones who I still actively communicate with and are true friends. <3Read More


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