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Let's see... 

___Roblox Me___ 
• I am not nice.
• I am 2016 but I'm better than most player
• I am at college. Very important to know before you call me kid.
• I design stuff (sometimes better than an art student).
• I make people rage more than I rage (hence the name).
• If I wasn't mean to you, consider yourself lucky as the 10% population.


•Public Speaker
•Top Tier Gamer
•Entrepreneur (got my own business)
•Game Developer (outside Roblox, Roblox kids just copy so I sell on Steam or something).
•Very intelligent (3.85 GPA all the time)
•Fiction Writer & Journalist
•Artist and 3D modeler
•Animator and Web Developer
• Comedian and jokester
• Comic Illustrator
• Ideas Man

Anything to say? 

Message me. 

Otherwise have a nice day. Get told what to do.Read More



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  • The Next Big Thing

    All of you going to witness what's about to be the next big thing on Roblox. I will not let anyone play it yet until it's beta (maybe not until Golden). I cant risk any game stealers to jeopardize this. We're gonna be rich!

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  • Glorfo [Alpha]

    (Don't buy gamepasses yet. They don't work yet. So get your fill before they are set!) Finally! A place where you can let loose and engage in glorfo fights! Armed with an absurd arsenal of weaponry that make great combinations! How many times could you get rekt? Coming Soon: •Duels •Leaderboards •Gamepasses •New Maps •New Game Modes

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