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1) I do not donate. Please do not ask me if I can donate anything.
2) I do not add alts. Add me on one account, please.
3) I go away from the computer a lot. If I don't respond, it means please come back later.
4) I do not re-add if you willingly removed me. If it was an accident, maybe this is voided.
5) I do not want to be involved in anything that includes breaking the rules.
6) I do not like to hear personal information. Please keep that to yourself.
7) I do not like to add scam victims. If you're willing to get scammed you're not willing to be my friend.
8) I do not trust anyone, and you should not trust anyone. Do not ask me to trust you, unless special situation.
9) I do not keep up with name changes. Change your name? Tell me.Read More


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  • Glorfo [Alpha]

    (Don't buy gamepasses yet. They don't work yet. So get your fill before they are set!) Finally! A place where you can let loose and engage in glorfo fights! Armed with an absurd arsenal of weaponry that make great combinations! How many times could you get rekt? Coming Soon: •Duels •Leaderboards •Gamepasses •New Maps •New Game Modes

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