Yuh Welcome To Muh Profile Squaa 😲

I'm Tupac Shakur Reincarnated 🙄

King Of RT 😎

Yuh FBG 💯

Yuh PBG 😥

TFG Yuh 😥

TBG Yuh 😥

RGS Yuh 😥

Stay Loyal To Duh Squaa 😥

Finesse Life 💪

Avecity Yuh 😥

Yuh Leo Gang 😥

Zoo Gang 😥

Raider Nation 😥

Dub Nation 😥

Yuh RGF 😥

Yuh It Ya Boi 😥

Avecism Yuh 😥

PnB Gang 😥

Remy Boyz 😥

 Got A Problem Wit Me? Square Up 😬

Yuh I Am So Stuck In My Ways 😏

Yuh Money I Get It For Days 🙄
Try Me If You Tough Shorty 😤

I Ain't Got To Buss, I Pay A Husk To Get You Touched Shorty 😬

My Shorties Be Thirsty Cause They Know I Did Too Much Shorty 😈Read More


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