French Mobile developer and game developer on Unity, I try my hand at Roblox Studio. Feel free to check out my game in its BETA version with your friends if you feel like a challenge! ⚔️ SWORD ART MEDIEVAL ⚔️
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  • [BETA] ⚔️Sword Art Medieval⚔️

    ⚔️ Dive into the Kingdom of Sword Art Medieval with your faithful companions : Your Sword Artefact. Attempt to become the most powerful knight by upgrading your Sword Artefact and configuring it to match your fighting style so you can face your opponents in intense PvP Arena battles ! ⚔️ ⚠️This game is currently an open BETA. The game is under development and new features will appear as updates are released. If you come across bugs it's normal and don't hesitate to report them to me. Thanks.⚠️ ⚡ HOW TO PLAY ? - Train your Sword Artefact up to level 100 and unlock its power ! - Get gems of different powers to boost your Sword Artefact ! - Explore the world of SAM to find treasures and pleasant landscapes. - Earn Gold by eliminating monsters and players or by becoming the King of the Golds Towers. - Get the most beautiful armor and change the appearance of your Sword Artefact from a wide selection of cosmetics!

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