Hello, fellow ROBLOXians! I am a friendly helpful guy. My job keeps me really busy, so I can't be on for a long time and answer questions. Sorry but there's no way to get free tickets or Robux! Those messages are not for real. Thanks! I'm online sometimes but just for a couple minutes. You can send me questions about help topic topics when I am offline! 

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    site problems? (about 60 minutes ago) Yesterday and earlier this week, the traffic from my site was being partially blocked by my host's firewall. Supposedly it's been fixed, and my host believes there is not problem, but I myself cannot load parts of my own site. Earlier today, during peak traffic times the site wouldn't load for me at all. A handful of friends I have asked can load the site just fine. If you are had troubles with the site not loading at all today, not just right now, please let me know here. I'd like to see how many other people are having problems. At the moment for me, the main page takes more than 5 seconds to load, and sometimes the portait doesn't show up at all.

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