Every time I get onto Roblox and it's been like a year I get scared

I feel like that old man who yells at you to get off his lawn ugh I'm so old now


  • Roblox Zoomers 150%

    (Bubble Chat Included)Well, I don't really play Roblox anymore, so no more updates. Sorry for the lag. Bottom: Smiley Circuit By Me obviously. Difficulty:Normal. Top:Sunset Park Circuit By Giik. Difficulty: Easy (I asked permission) Bottem Left: Dead End by tllc. Difficulty: Hard. If you have any suggestions or anything else leave it in the comments section or PM me. Obviously inspired by Explode1`s epic racing places! You can submit tracks too so I can put them in the place.:3 PM me if you want to submit one.

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