• bri & nala's island!

    ┏━━━━ ★ ━━━━┓ welcome to bri & nala's island! ┗━━━━ ★ ━━━━┛ ☆This is a preppy game, for preppy people. ★ ( its a joke other styles are aloud ofc ofc! ) ☆ This game is made by my lovely friend (Nala) and Me (Bri)! ★ In this game, We play laser tag, Simon says ( known as bri says or ☆ nala says) , We do m&g, We also do obby races! Most of our games we play we give mod (not perm) to that person who wins! ☆ Have a great stay, Hope you had a wonderful time, ALOHA (bye) ❀TYSM FOR ALL THE VISITS YAYYY!❀

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