I have an idea on how to fix roblox, a vision, if roblox notices this, please take notes

     Ist of all, I have an idea for tix. Rather than deleting tix all together, you should try to,
-make it so once you get veteran badge, you are ready to get tix.
-make it so the people who make the gear have the choice of if it's robux, tix, or both

Next, make a effort to change the chat, I wanna be able to copy and paste again, and be able to say words like 
#### ####### ### ### and #####

After that but not least, every day, have a roblox dev go and check for click-bait, and get rid of their game, and ban them, after th ree  strikes, they lose their robux that they got from that game, after s is strikes, they lose their builders club for that month, and after ni ne they lose their account

Last but not least, do something about the roblox rumor starters, let the people know that these won't happen, the fact that these rumors are starting shows that the community is weak. The endRead More


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