Hi. I don't know who are you, when did you come here and why did you come. All I know is you're here. If you want to tell me something, leave a message by pressing “...” and select “Message”. Go ahead and do it ☺. Oh, you have to follow me so you can send me message. Do the same steps but select “Follow” instead.

Ohh you found me, here's some information about myself:
- I'm from Vietnam, so our timezone here is 7 hours ahead of GMT.
- I don't reply message but don't worry, I do read it.
- I don't like being spammed in chat, so leave it before I unfriend or block you.
- And finally, I'm NOT a “hut” or “nut”, oml -_-.Read More


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  • R15 Ragdoll

    Join a world that crazy stuffs always keep occurring with a “Ragdoll System”. Fling, Fall or Explode like ∞ way did. *DO NOT TRY IN REAL LIFE* Average player in server is 26. Sure, you can invite your friend. Note: - Some In-game Keybinds you need to know: + E : Ragdoll; + Q : Respawn; + R : Reset Character (or simply change health to 0); (These Keybinds can be toggled On or Off through “Setting” -> “GamePlay”) * Mobile players: + Press buttons at top-right corner. - Old server can be shut down at any time. Current Game version: 15.0.3

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