Im an obsessed fandom freak hi.

-So I have a few favorite colors. They are Pastel Blue, pink, and thats it.
- I am known as that annoying theatre girl that won't stop making references for anything. Yayy
- Sand er s Sides is most likely hated by all my friends bc of me :)
- Dang an r on pa is probably also hated yayy. 
- Ko ki chi is the best grape rat boi
- Pat ton is also the best father.
-I have RP names for different games. But Im not going to tell you! :)
-I'm a piece of garbage 🙂
- <3 To my friends! 
* Thomas the dank engine
* Bubbles
*  Em (Hi!!)
- Hello Diego & Blossom !
-Ima Hufflepuff
- :)

 Have a Smiley Day!😊


  • Petal City ~READ DESCRIPTION!!~

    A city with cabins for Homes, Secrets from the Mayor, and a super dark school. Only YOU can uncover the secrets of this Mysterious City.

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